Direct Cellars – Proof of Payment #1

People are typically very skeptical about network marketing. Most people feel like it is a waste of time, that you end up spending more on the products than you do actually making money, and that those that do make money from it are few and far between. This was us as well.

This is the second time for us to join the business side of a network company. It was very hard in our first company to make money. Most months we either broke even or spent more money than we made. The big differences I have seen so far between our first company and Direct Cellars is in the compensation plan and the product. Wine is literally the easiest thing to share with people. There is no convincing that your product works, will change their life, or is better than anything else out there. It is wine and wine sells itself.

The other difference is in the compensation plan. Direct Cellars is far more generous on how they pay their distributors than anything I have ever seen. They make it incredibly easy to earn your money back and then begin to really see the profit come in. In two weeks of joining this company, we have made our investment back!

The last difference is in our team. When I made the choice to join Direct Cellars, I did my research and sought out someone that was on the fastest growing team in the company. Last week, 14 distributors out of 15 with the number 1 being from our team! That is amazing. That shows you that we are in a perfect place to be set up with the tools and resources we need to make this dream of ours happen! Our team is so incredible supportive, they are constantly encouraging us and giving us helpful information on how to grow our business.

Direct Cellars pays you weekly and monthly. Today we received our first payment from Direct Cellars! Earning that first dollar is always the hardest. We’ve had the commission sitting in our account for over a week now, but it feels much more real once it finally hits the account. We will receive our second commission check next week.


We’ve enjoyed our journey so far with Direct Cellars and we’re excited to continue growing our business. Are you ready to join us?