Is Direct Cellars wine club a legit way to earn income?

Is Direct Cellars wine club a legit way to earn income?

This is the question that we wanted to answer. And to keep the answer short… YES! Read on for why!

Update: 9/13/2017 – We recently made our first commission check! The first one is always the hardest!

How you can make money with Direct Cellars:

Overall, the compensation plan for Direct Cellars is pretty solid. There are several ways to make money.

1) The fast start bonus. Everyone you sign up as a distributor will earn you $125 (if they sign up for the $250 package), or $250 (if they sign up for the $500 package). At first, this will be the main way to produce income.

2) Dual team pay. Once you start building out your network, this will be a huge boost to your income. As long as you personally sign up two distributors, you can start earning the dual team pay. As you sign up more distributors, your percentage of revenue increases.

3) Uni-level pay. In addition to the dual team pay, you will earn check match bonuses for your first 4 levels, and 50% of the revenue will be “earnable” for the first 9 levels.

To explain this further: If you sign up a distributor, who then signs up a distributor (let’s assume the $500 for this example), you will receive 10% of the check match (so 10% of $250 = $25), plus 10% of the 50% BV from them (so for the first month, 500 BV * 50% = 250 BV * 10% = $25). You would earn an additional $50 just from them signing some else up, and this is just the uni-level pay. Pretty powerful stuff.

Overall, there’s several ways to make money long term with Direct Cellars that make it attractive vs other network marketing opportunities out there. Are you ready to join us on our wine journey?

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