Weekly Update – 09/13/2017

This last week has been a blast. We’ve reached out to several people and have started growing our business. There have been mostly ups on our journey to make money selling wine, but also some downs. At times, the growth can seem slow. But in the last few weeks Megan has already made her money back!

This a long journey for us, but our end goals are:

  • Grow relationships with people, which a business like this will strive you to do
  • Create enough residual income to replace my day job
  • Ability to travel and see the world!
  • Freedom to spend more time with family
  • Pay off mortgage early
  • Ability to be more charitable

Going from thinking like an employee, to thinking like a business owner, is a difficult transition. Investing in your own business means earning much less up front, but hopefully for a much longer and more residual-style payoff. Although this isn’t our own brand per-se, we still need to focus our mindset that this is our long-term business and we’re not in it for a quick buck.

We’re excited to continue growing the business and we can’t accomplish that without creating meaningful relationships!

Are you ready to get started and join us on our journey? Check out the Contact Page to chat with us and learn more!

Weekly Update – 09/06/2017

It’s been two weeks since Megan and I have started our journey to make money with Direct Cellars. We were both hesitant at first to get started for a number of reasons:

  • High Entry Cost (minimum $250)
  • Hard to get started with any network marketing
  • Fear (not succeeding, putting yourself out there, and rejection)

These were legitimate concerns, but these last two weeks have been a lot of fun for us! We’ve already made back Megan’s initial investment of $250 (Proof of payment blog post coming on Friday) and have had fun getting our business started. Thinking of strategies together has brought us closer together as a couple, which is always a good thing!

We’re both excited for what the future holds for us on our wine journey, and excited for our future date nights involving premium wines from around the World!