Why I started making money with Direct Cellars

Why I started making money with Direct Cellars:

I have been a stay at home mom for 3.5 years now and while I absolutely love it, I honestly miss the feeling of helping out financially and having something for myself. I knew I was important as a stay at home mom, but some days it was just hard.  I found myself constantly trying to find jobs on the internet and other ways to make an income but they all came at the price of putting my children in day care and I just could not do that.

Financially, it would not make sense for us to do that. I have tried the Network Marketing thing before, and I found it incredible hard to sell my product. I felt like I was constantly having to convince people that my product was amazing and that everyone needed it. And while I truly did love my product, I was competing with so many other people to sell the same thing over social media, and it was hard!

One night while rocking my 1 year old to sleep, I came across an article about Direct Cellars. I had never heard about it and was really not looking for another MLM to get involved with, but this sounded pretty legit. A MLM for wine?!? That was genius! I thought, Who doesn’t love wine?  I gave it some thought for a couple weeks, debating if I wanted to try this again.  I felt like I had failed trying to make it happen with my previous company. What would be different with this one? Well, it is wine. Wine sells itself. I do not have to try and convince anyone that my product is amazing, people ALREADY know that wine is amazing! On top of that, I knew absolutely no one that knew about Direct Cellars. It is a new company and I had the opportunity to get in early! It was an opportunity I could not pass up! I decided to put my fears of rejection aside, and give this wine business a try! I am so glad that I did!

Why YOU should start with Direct Cellars.

You should join Direct Cellars because it is an amazing opportunity. There are so many people trying to make Network Marketing work for them right now. Some are doing really well, and some are struggling.

Part of the reason why some people are struggling is competition with other Network Marketing companies. There are multiple make up companies, multiple essential oil companies, and multiple health shake type companies but there is only ONE wine club company.  If you got on your social media account right now, you would probably find a couple people already posting pictures, memes, or some other post about drinking wine. People are already drinking it and sharing it, why not get paid?

Being a part of Direct Cellars gives you the chance to try new wines from all over the world that you would not otherwise get to try, potential to get your wine for free, be social, make new friends, and potential for financial freedom.

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