Weekly Update – 09/06/2017

It’s been two weeks since Megan and I have started our journey to make money with Direct Cellars. We were both hesitant at first to get started for a number of reasons:

  • High Entry Cost (minimum $250)
  • Hard to get started with any network marketing
  • Fear (not succeeding, putting yourself out there, and rejection)

These were legitimate concerns, but these last two weeks have been a lot of fun for us! We’ve already made back Megan’s initial investment of $250 (Proof of payment blog post coming on Friday) and have had fun getting our business started. Thinking of strategies together has brought us closer together as a couple, which is always a good thing!

We’re both excited for what the future holds for us on our wine journey, and excited for our future date nights involving premium wines from around the World!

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