Weekly Update – 09/13/2017

This last week has been a blast. We’ve reached out to several people and have started growing our business. There have been mostly ups on our journey to make money selling wine, but also some downs. At times, the growth can seem slow. But in the last few weeks Megan has already made her money back!

This a long journey for us, but our end goals are:

  • Grow relationships with people, which a business like this will strive you to do
  • Create enough residual income to replace my day job
  • Ability to travel and see the world!
  • Freedom to spend more time with family
  • Pay off mortgage early
  • Ability to be more charitable

Going from thinking like an employee, to thinking like a business owner, is a difficult transition. Investing in your own business means earning much less up front, but hopefully for a much longer and more residual-style payoff. Although this isn’t our own brand per-se, we still need to focus our mindset that this is our long-term business and we’re not in it for a quick buck.

We’re excited to continue growing the business and we can’t accomplish that without creating meaningful relationships!

Are you ready to get started and join us on our journey? Check out the Contact Page to chat with us and learn more!

Direct Cellars – Proof of Payment #1

People are typically very skeptical about network marketing. Most people feel like it is a waste of time, that you end up spending more on the products than you do actually making money, and that those that do make money from it are few and far between. This was us as well.

This is the second time for us to join the business side of a network company. It was very hard in our first company to make money. Most months we either broke even or spent more money than we made. The big differences I have seen so far between our first company and Direct Cellars is in the compensation plan and the product. Wine is literally the easiest thing to share with people. There is no convincing that your product works, will change their life, or is better than anything else out there. It is wine and wine sells itself.

The other difference is in the compensation plan. Direct Cellars is far more generous on how they pay their distributors than anything I have ever seen. They make it incredibly easy to earn your money back and then begin to really see the profit come in. In two weeks of joining this company, we have made our investment back!

The last difference is in our team. When I made the choice to join Direct Cellars, I did my research and sought out someone that was on the fastest growing team in the company. Last week, 14 distributors out of 15 with the number 1 being from our team! That is amazing. That shows you that we are in a perfect place to be set up with the tools and resources we need to make this dream of ours happen! Our team is so incredible supportive, they are constantly encouraging us and giving us helpful information on how to grow our business.

Direct Cellars pays you weekly and monthly. Today we received our first payment from Direct Cellars! Earning that first dollar is always the hardest. We’ve had the commission sitting in our account for over a week now, but it feels much more real once it finally hits the account. We will receive our second commission check next week.


We’ve enjoyed our journey so far with Direct Cellars and we’re excited to continue growing our business. Are you ready to join us?

Weekly Update – 09/06/2017

It’s been two weeks since Megan and I have started our journey to make money with Direct Cellars. We were both hesitant at first to get started for a number of reasons:

  • High Entry Cost (minimum $250)
  • Hard to get started with any network marketing
  • Fear (not succeeding, putting yourself out there, and rejection)

These were legitimate concerns, but these last two weeks have been a lot of fun for us! We’ve already made back Megan’s initial investment of $250 (Proof of payment blog post coming on Friday) and have had fun getting our business started. Thinking of strategies together has brought us closer together as a couple, which is always a good thing!

We’re both excited for what the future holds for us on our wine journey, and excited for our future date nights involving premium wines from around the World!

How to drink wine for free, forever!

Want to know how you can drink wine for free? Forever?

Direct Cellars has a program that will give you wine for free, each month, forever. All you have to do is sign up as a premium member (either the $250 or $500 package) and sign up 3 customers, and each month you will receive 4 wines for free.

The image above breaks down how this works. For each customers you sign up, you will receive $20 DC Dollars (Direct Cellars Dollars) and once you have three customers you receive an additional $20 bonus to equal out the $80 needed.

Customers can join at either the $50 (2 bottles per month) or $80 (4 bottles per month) to receive this bonus.

Why I started making money with Direct Cellars

Why I started making money with Direct Cellars:

I have been a stay at home mom for 3.5 years now and while I absolutely love it, I honestly miss the feeling of helping out financially and having something for myself. I knew I was important as a stay at home mom, but some days it was just hard.  I found myself constantly trying to find jobs on the internet and other ways to make an income but they all came at the price of putting my children in day care and I just could not do that.

Financially, it would not make sense for us to do that. I have tried the Network Marketing thing before, and I found it incredible hard to sell my product. I felt like I was constantly having to convince people that my product was amazing and that everyone needed it. And while I truly did love my product, I was competing with so many other people to sell the same thing over social media, and it was hard!

One night while rocking my 1 year old to sleep, I came across an article about Direct Cellars. I had never heard about it and was really not looking for another MLM to get involved with, but this sounded pretty legit. A MLM for wine?!? That was genius! I thought, Who doesn’t love wine?  I gave it some thought for a couple weeks, debating if I wanted to try this again.  I felt like I had failed trying to make it happen with my previous company. What would be different with this one? Well, it is wine. Wine sells itself. I do not have to try and convince anyone that my product is amazing, people ALREADY know that wine is amazing! On top of that, I knew absolutely no one that knew about Direct Cellars. It is a new company and I had the opportunity to get in early! It was an opportunity I could not pass up! I decided to put my fears of rejection aside, and give this wine business a try! I am so glad that I did!

Why YOU should start with Direct Cellars.

You should join Direct Cellars because it is an amazing opportunity. There are so many people trying to make Network Marketing work for them right now. Some are doing really well, and some are struggling.

Part of the reason why some people are struggling is competition with other Network Marketing companies. There are multiple make up companies, multiple essential oil companies, and multiple health shake type companies but there is only ONE wine club company.  If you got on your social media account right now, you would probably find a couple people already posting pictures, memes, or some other post about drinking wine. People are already drinking it and sharing it, why not get paid?

Being a part of Direct Cellars gives you the chance to try new wines from all over the world that you would not otherwise get to try, potential to get your wine for free, be social, make new friends, and potential for financial freedom.

Get Started Now!

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Is Direct Cellars wine club a legit way to earn income?

Is Direct Cellars wine club a legit way to earn income?

This is the question that we wanted to answer. And to keep the answer short… YES! Read on for why!

Update: 9/13/2017 – We recently made our first commission check! The first one is always the hardest!

How you can make money with Direct Cellars:

Overall, the compensation plan for Direct Cellars is pretty solid. There are several ways to make money.

1) The fast start bonus. Everyone you sign up as a distributor will earn you $125 (if they sign up for the $250 package), or $250 (if they sign up for the $500 package). At first, this will be the main way to produce income.

2) Dual team pay. Once you start building out your network, this will be a huge boost to your income. As long as you personally sign up two distributors, you can start earning the dual team pay. As you sign up more distributors, your percentage of revenue increases.

3) Uni-level pay. In addition to the dual team pay, you will earn check match bonuses for your first 4 levels, and 50% of the revenue will be “earnable” for the first 9 levels.

To explain this further: If you sign up a distributor, who then signs up a distributor (let’s assume the $500 for this example), you will receive 10% of the check match (so 10% of $250 = $25), plus 10% of the 50% BV from them (so for the first month, 500 BV * 50% = 250 BV * 10% = $25). You would earn an additional $50 just from them signing some else up, and this is just the uni-level pay. Pretty powerful stuff.

Overall, there’s several ways to make money long term with Direct Cellars that make it attractive vs other network marketing opportunities out there. Are you ready to join us on our wine journey?

Image from: www.bestonlinewineclubs.com